Andiroba oil – The effect of the precious oil from the Amazon

Pure andiroba oil as treatment against cellulite. Oil from natural andiroba nuts for cellulitis treatment for health and med by traindee

Can andiroba oil help against cellulite?

Probably, in cosmetics the oil from the seeds or nuts of the wild Andiroba tree (Carapa guianensis) has long been a household name for possible prevention of cellulite.

But that is by far not all that the bioactive andiroba oil is capable of. Its high density of active ingredients helps therapeutically with inflammatory skin diseases and the alpha hydroxyl acid it contains stimulates collagen production.

The oil can be considered a strong active ingredient for dry and cracked skin, it also supports aging skin. It is already widely used in the production of natural medical cosmetics, and due to its high content of limonoids and triterpenes, it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

With long-term use, it is even said to reduce cellulite, or at least significantly protect against it.

The imposing Andrioba tree (Carapa guianensis) is a deciduous tree that can reach an enormous height of up to 40 meters and live for several hundred years. From its nuts the precious andiroba oil is extracted. The andiroba nuts begin to ripen in September and are collected when they fall to the ground.

In the Amazon region, the valuable andiroba oil has long been considered by the indigenous natives to be the best protection against insects and in some studies has proven to have a particularly repellent effect against mosquitoes (gnats) as well as various arachnids such as lice and mites.

This is exactly what makes it so interesting for us and our beloved four-legged friends, for this a separate article on Andiroba oil against ticks in dogs:

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The oil of the Andiroba nut is absolutely unique due to its high density of bioactive substances and fatty acids, as well as the balanced content of vitamins A, C and E, and thus should not be considered a “heavy hammer” against insects and parasites. Rather, it is the unique combination of ingredients that makes it a safe all-rounder.

However, whether the andirobin contained in the oil, which belongs to the class of limonoids, can actually prevent the formation of cellulite by blocking certain enzymes is not of such great importance on this page; rather, we are interested in the rich oil in terms of caring properties and simultaneous action against insects and parasites in humans and dogs.

For people who like to spend a lot of time outdoor in nature with their four-legged friends, the oil of Andiroba nuts is a promising all-rounder for care and protection.

Just as our European ancestors knew a lot about the local medicinal herbs and natural remedies and used them successfully, the inhabitants of other continents have also known how to use the richness of nature.

If it may be a disadvantage that pests and parasites are spreading more and more across borders in a globalized world, on the other hand the knowledge about the native natural remedies of other peoples helps us as well.

We simply “trade” our “remedies” that nature provides us. A balanced use of natural remedies and pharmaceutical products, depending on individual risk and need seems to be most appropriate here. A miracle cure without any side effects will probably never exist.

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