Release the wolf for shooting? Justified by economic interests?

Should the wolf be released for shooting by hunters because he tears sheep and other grazing animals. Hunter and wolf in the forest.

Should the wolf be released for shooting because of economic damage? As the Austrian media have recently found something again. The topic of wolves and that he increasingly rips farm animals, especially sheep. From regular slaughter is spoken, the emotions especially in social media go again high…. Why a wolf or a pack of wolves […]

Fascination with own brands – And Now for Something Completely Different

A preserving jar glass bottle of gourmet gherkins or pickles from Austria

Rainy and chilly, I have the private labels (especially) of Billa (Rewe Group) hanging in my head. The topic fascinates me, if I write about it, I might get it out of my head a little. After all, I don’t know anyone from “them” who could tell me about it and quench my thirst for […]