Shaped by shelter dogs – The world is colorful and diverse

A black german shepherd dog from the shelter with his new and loving owner hiking in nature.

It was the term “imprinting”, referring to Konrad Lorenz, that prompted me to write this article. Imprinting in the dog, I will still consider in a separate article. It was a statement of a dog trainer, whom I do not know personally, but him because of its open kind also somehow estimate. This mixture of […]

New TBE risk areas in Germany by ticks also dangerous for dogs?

many ticks like an invasion in nature in maedow and woods are a health risk for dogs as they spread deseases which lead to illness

In Germany, the tick-borne meningitis or encephalitis is currently spreading. Since more TBE cases were reported in 2020 than ever before (since data collection began in 2001), the RKI therefore classified five more regions in Germany as risk areas. But is this also dangerous for our dogs? Well, as far as TBE alone is concerned, […]

Let dogs play – adults don’t play?

dogs that do not know each other playing with and without leash and muzzle in the nature

Also here only a short statement to statements at a dog topic lecture and/or also read again and again on social media channels.“So (strangers) adults people do not play with each other and you do not talk to a stranger.” Quasi as an explanation attempt not to let dogs play with each other or contact. […]

No more pulling: the traindee dog leash in use!

No more pulling: traindee lead expander

No more pulling: the traindee® dog leash in use! Dog owners know how uncomfortable it is to walk with a dog on a lead that pulls. Not only can it cause pain in the arm and shoulder, but it can also be dangerous if the dog breaks free and gets off the lead. Fortunately, there […]

CBD oil for dogs with Cannabidiol without THC

CBD oil for dogs from traindee with cannabidiol as complementary feed for animals experiencing stress, tension and a nervous feeling. Without THC hemp cannabis.

We had a really fantastic CBD oil for dogs in our online store. At a really good price and from a renowned manufacturer with many years of experience in the pet industry. Then there was this amendment, not only here in Austria, and the sale of CBD products, especially over the internet, was banned. However, […]