Geraniol as a natural tick repellent for dogs

traindee tick remedy for dogs without chemistry for walks in nature through the meadow with margosa and geraniol extract
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Especially in spring, with the start of the tick season, many dog owners are again faced with the question of how they can best protect their four-legged friends and themselves from the annoying ticks effectively and with minimal side effects. With the many outdoor activities with dog the danger of a tick infestation increases naturally also strongly.

And more and more people are trying to turn their backs on the chemical club and rely on natural, herbal active ingredients when it comes to tick repellents for dogs. The decision whether to rely on established products of the pharmaceutical industry, which of course have undergone all scientific studies with effect and side effects, or to try to keep the ticks at bay with “natural” means and plant extracts, is not always easy.

It is a weighing of the extent of the danger by strong tick infestation and of possible side effects of strongly and effectively effective means. It is a fact, however, that numerous primitive peoples have always known and still know how to defend themselves very effectively against pests and parasites with natural remedies.

Geraniol is a component of most essential oils and is found in large quantities in the oils of rose and geranium.

Plants protect themselves with the active ingredient against feeding insects, which is why geraniol, just like margosa, is mainly used as a repellent, i.e. to drive away insects and arachnids. This has also been shown to be effective in experiments with cows.

The protective effect of geraniol against insect bites has already been established in studies. Thus, geraniol can be used to produce an effective biocide.

Since geraniol is considered a weak contact allergen, the EU has included it in the so-called INCI list.

All in all, however, geraniol is a safe agent for many dog breeds that is used in a variety of ways in the cosmetics industry and not just to repel ticks. It is often contained in body lotions, soaps, toothpastes, shower gels, etc.

Are products with geraniol effective against ticks?

Conclusion: Geraniol or essential oils with high geraniol content, show promising tick repellency and also protection against other insects and parasites. Especially by expulsion. In combination with Margosa, which is also very potent, a good protection for dogs against ticks can be built. Of course, also for other animals, although here must always be advised to be careful with essential oils, for example, for cats.

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