Margosa extract – Naturally effective defense against ticks for dogs without chemicals

natural tick repellent for dogs without chemicals when insects in the meadow are dangerous with margosa and geraniol extract by traindee
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Natural remedies against ticks for dogs often do not fare very well in test results on their effectiveness. So are there tick remedies that do not harm the dog and still work? So without chemicals and still with effective results?

With flea and tick remedies based on Margosa extract, possibly in combination with geraniol, a perfect and effective solution seems to have been found, which represent a natural alternative to conventional antiparasitics.

What is margosa extract?

Margosa extract refers to herbal extracts from components of the neem tree, also called the niem tree (Azadirachta indica).

But beware. Margosa extract and neem oil are two completely different natural substances, which are also distinguished under their own CAS number by the regulatory authorities!

Margosa extracts consist of several components, although only a few components of the neem tree have been identified to date. Identified components include e.g.:

  • Azadirachtin A
  • Azadirachtin B
  • Nimbin
  • Meliantiriol
  • Salannin

A Margosa total extract (CO2 complete extract) represents an active ingredient which, according to the Biocide Regulation, has a primarily deterrent (repellent) effect.

This extract is approved as a repellent (product type 19) according to Biocide Regulation No. 528/2012 (“Biocide Directive”). The active biocidal ingredient margosa extract has the CAS number 84696-25-3.

So there is already something to this active ingredient, we are not talking here about remedies against ticks, which can almost be attributed to the esoteric!

How do tick remedies based on Margosa work?

Margosa extracts have mainly a repellent, i.e. scaring away, effect on ectoparasites that infest dogs such as

They also interfere with the reproduction of the pests.

In combination with geraniol (Click here for the article on geraniol against ticks in dogs), which is also a very potent natural remedy against ticks, the effect of the natural substances can be enhanced, thus providing effective, natural protection for many dog breeds.

Side effects

Nature offers us potent agents and substances that are suitable for insect repellent. But as everywhere, even with natural remedies that show a clear effect, you must expect side effects (here, above all, the phrase “the dose makes the poison”) or take precautions when using.

How does it look like with the Margosa extract, if it is used correctly?

So far, no side effects of margosa extract have been shown in mammals when used correctly. Nevertheless, caution should always be exercised even with natural plant extracts. There are scientifically proven modes of action of peppermint, for example, against various types of bacteria. Nevertheless, it will not be good for me as a human being to take too much peppermint or to smear the essential oils into my eyes.

In India, for example, parts of the neem tree have been used for abortion for a long time, so pregnant women and also pregnant animals should better not use tick repellents based on margosa. However, this will probably also apply to the chemical anti-tick agents.

It is important to mention again that a Margosa total extract is to be distinguished from Neem oil! Especially when taking neem oil, damage to liver and kidney can occur. A purely external application, especially for tick defense, is therefore advisable.

Advantages of Margosa extract

The advantages of Margosa extract are certainly the harmlessness of a natural remedy with good effect against many parasites and pests. In India, parts of the neem tree have been used in traditional Indian medicine for a long time.

Unfortunately, extensive scientific studies of efficacy are lacking, as they are costly and economic payback will be questionable. The tree grows quickly and extracts from its parts are readily available.

Nevertheless or just because of this, however, it is better than to start right away with the chemical club and nerve poisons when it comes to tick repellents for dogs.

Biocidal products are subject to Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012 (Biocide Regulation) in the European Union and are defined as:

“any substance or mixture, in the form in which it reaches the user, and which consists of, contains or produces one or more active substances intended to destroy, deter, render harmless, prevent the action of or otherwise control harmful organisms otherwise than by mere physical or mechanical action”


“any substance or mixture produced from substances or mixtures not themselves covered by the first indent which is intended to destroy, deter, render harmless, prevent the action of, or otherwise control any harmful organism otherwise than by mere physical or mechanical action.”

For the EU, there is an implementing regulation authorizing Margosa extract for use in biocidal products of product type 19.

Is Margosa effective against ticks?

Conclusion: It is probably one of the most promising active substances of nature that can help against ticks. Especially in products that contain in combination other natural substances, such as geraniol, or the combined use of these natural remedies against ticks, seems to guarantee excellent success.

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