traindee 2x 0.5m + 1x 1.0m dog leash shock absorber bundle

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The 4-times stretchable and elastic dog leash for leash pulling dogs

Get this cost saving traindee® bundle:

dog training leash – traindee® – when your dog is pulling on the leash


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Dog pulls on lead? With this mega pack of the traindee® leash-expander you get

  • 1x 0.5m traindee® leash expander (tl-050-std-blk) – lead shock absorber 0.5m
  • 1x 1.0m traindee® leash-expander (tl-100-std-blk) – lead shock absorber 1.0m
  • plus 1x 0.5m traindee® leash expander (tl-050-std-blk) for free

dog training lead – traindee® – when your dog is pulling on the leash

The aid and training accessory when the dog is pulling on the lead.

Your dog is pulling on the lead – what can you do? – Try the traindee leash expander (shock absorber for dog leashes) for modern and non-violent dog training! Dogs pulling on the leash are always a challenge, the causes for the leash pulling behavior should always be considered individually! Don’t amplify your dogs behaviour by swearing because of the pain you get through the acting forces and use the traindee® to soften the pulling. This will immediately show results in behaviour correction because of the stress reduction on the human side.

traindee® – the best dog leash shock absorber with unique 4-times extension capability!


26 reviews for traindee 2x 0.5m + 1x 1.0m dog leash shock absorber bundle


My dog is not so heavy but very strong and was pulling really hard on the lead. For dogs pulling on leash very strong you’ll definitely need the 1m version to start from scratch. Switch over to the 0.5m version later. Perfect bundle!


Good bundle but dogs are still pulling on the leash. At least it reduces the stress. Don’t expect miracles!


Perfect! One of our client dogs had to be trained specific with traindee support to stop the leash pulling behaviour. With another client, dog just stopped pulling because of the stress minimizing effect of the traindee on client side. Definitely recommended!


quasi perfetto 👍

leash jerkers

Greetings from our dogs and thank you!


thank you for changing our order. had been unsure if it really works with our leash jerker. thank you so much, recommended for all dogs pulling on leash – give it a try, great support!

canine protrainer

Good when doing different size dogs leash training. Best quality shock absorber. 1m is really big and perfect for professional dog training.


IPO protection dog training. Excellent quality leash 👍


per cani cross bike, ski joering, dogscooting, dogtrekking 👍

no stress with your dog

Elastic dog leashes with wide extension range. Perfect if dog pulls on leash and you need to get out of this behaviour without stress (for YOU and your dog!) Give it a try – happy training!


Very elastic dog leashes for different dogs. The stretchability is really tremendous. Good for old dogs who suffer from pain and hurt themself by pulling on the leash.


Malheureusement, notre chien tire encore sur la laisse, bien qu’elle se soit un peu améliorée. Mais peut-être seulement parce que c’est devenu plus agréable pour nous. Aucun dressage de chien, aucun dresseur ou dresseur de chien n’a une solution, en comparaison, le traindee Expander est vraiment très bon marché. Nous utilisons l’Expander maintenant régulièrement lors de randonnées et de promenades en combinaison avec une laisse courte et nous sommes satisfaits. Enfin une solution ! Merci pour le grand soutien, l’aide et les vidéos d’exemple !


Perfect shock absorbing dog leashes in a perfect bundle. Best solution for dogs pulling on leash and making stress to their owners. The traindee really helps and is unique.


Najlepsze psie smycze przeciwko ciągnięciu.

dog trainer

Simply the best on the market. We tried a lot of dog leashes and other accessories for the puller dogs. This product can be used in many ways according to individual needs. TOP!


Áno, len geniálny …


Very good bundle of leashes for reactive dogs of different size!


To naprawdę fascynujące, jaki rodzaj złomu dostajesz w sklepach, a jednocześnie jakiś obdarty trener psów jest najważniejszą rzeczą do regularnego robienia. Kaja z naprawdę pomógł nam opanować problem z naszą suką. Dzięki tej smyczy zwilżyło to zwłaszcza nasze nerwy i mogliśmy spokojnie pracować z Penny w twoich „problematycznych miejscach”. Teraz ledwo ciągnie, nawet bez handlarza, a przede wszystkim bez ciągłego nagradzania jej jedzeniem. 👍


Opravdu dobrý produkt pro psy, kteří rádi ukradnou vaše nervy 👍

Aston Villa Dog-Training

For medium to big and strong dogs the ideal solution. As a dog professional, I can recommend this training leash bundle unrestricted!

Pastore belga Malinois

Incredibile quanto siano robusti ed elastici questi guinzagli per cani. Questo lo rende davvero professionale!


Jednoduše geniální tyto linie, když psi tvrdě tahají!


Ci sono davvero un sacco di (inutili) smorzatori a scatti e linee smorzate sul mercato, ma il traindee ci ha davvero aiutato a liberarci di tirare la linea. Il nostro addestratore di cani ci ha sostenuto molto e ci ha spiegato il principio con pazienza, altrimenti non saremmo stati in grado di farlo. Quindi sicuramente un aiuto di prima classe per l’educazione dei cani, ma nessuna “cura miracolosa”.


Najlepší tlmič pre psov pre šport 💪


Il cane continua a tirare come un matto. Non ci aiuta nessun Halti e non elastico Le .


L’americano Staffordshire Terrier della sterlina, cosa posso dirvi? Ho questa e la linea di 1m in uso. Ora guidiamo il programma completo con pazienza, dolcetti, clicker e solo il traindee. Senza questo sollievo dalla lunga estensione non avrei mai potuto avere la pazienza e le conseguenze!

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