traindee 2x 0.5m dog leash shock absorber bundle

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The 4-times stretchable and elastic dog leash for leash pulling dogs

2x traindee® leash-expander 0.5m (tl-050-std-blk) cost-saving double-pack

traindee® leash-expander – shock absorber for dog leashes

dog training leash – traindee® – when your dog is pulling on the leash



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Cost saving bundle of 2x traindee® leash-expander 0.5m (tl-050-std-blk) Elastic dog leash

2x traindee® leash-expander 0.5m (tl-050-std-blk) cost-saving double-pack.
traindee® leash-expander – shock absorber for dog leashes

dog training leash – traindee® – when your dog is pulling on the leash

The aid and training accessory when the dog is always pulling on the leash.

Your dog always pulls on the leash? – Try the traindee® training equipment for modern and non-violent dog training! Dogs who are pulling are always a challenge and the cause of this behaviour should always be considered individually! By reducing the stress and pain effects on the human side no negative behaviour associations are produced because you stay cool and calm.

traindee® – the best shock absorber with unique 4-times stretch capability!

25 reviews for traindee 2x 0.5m dog leash shock absorber bundle


Can recommend bundle when ordering from France to lower shipping charge. Very good product! If your dog pulls on the leash get the traindee. Definitely recommended.


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Davide Russo

Prodotto ottimo. Sul mio cane da caccia che tira tantissimo non faccio più fatica a portarlo a spasso. Adesso la fatica la fa il cane e l’ammortizzatore. Se posso trovare un difetto è la lunghezza. Fosse stato più corto siccome lo uso con guinzaglio da 5 m sarebbe stato meglio. Consigliato e niente a che vedere con altri prodotti più economici già testati.


Good price and delivered in time.


Best product for leash pulling dogs! Forget that fancy and useless crap! Only this you can call “expander”


A really good bundle but carabiners should be different. We use it with short dog leash when training with dogs pulling on leash. Its better than a dog non pull harness since it does not stress the dog. With this dog leash expander the dog will not pull after a few training sessions.


good price for that great no pull shock absorbers when doing dog leash training.


ottimo prodotto da addestrare con il cane al guinzaglio

Team Dog Training

Useful – but only for professional dog training. Trouble dogs are not so easy to train especially if they pull on the leash extremely and all the time. ask your dog trainer for support.


Good dog training equipment.

Shepherd K9

this is by far the best shock absorber for dog leashes and you can use it directly, too if your dog is tall enough. the elastic leash just takes out any stress related behaviours and your dog will stop pulling on the leash on its own. This may not work with every dog the same way but the traindee leash fits perfectly in every modern dog training concept/strategy as well as for dog sport activities or IPO protection training.

dresseur de chiens

Un excellent prix pour cette laisse extensible pour chien qui aide vraiment. Votre chien tire sur la laisse ? Essayez cet excellent produit !


Good bundle of dog leashes which are very extensible like no other leash on the market.


Perfetto! Uno dei nostri cani clienti doveva essere addestrato in modo specifico con il supporto di traindee per fermare il comportamento di tiro del guinzaglio. Con un altro cliente, il cane ha appena smesso di tirare a causa dello stress che riduce al minimo l’effetto del traindee sul lato del cliente. Decisamente raccomandato!


Very good bundle of elastic and stretchable dog leashes. Good price for good quality.

dog runners


Family Dogs

This is really good training equipment! A perfect dog leash and aid for pulling dogs.


Naprawdę dobry produkt dla psów, które lubią kraść nerwy 👍


Este es un amortiguador que se ha ganado este nombre. Un producto profesional, nada para laicos y personas de perros, así que no tengo idea, ¡pero eso también se dice!

dog sports

This is a shock absorber who has earned this name. A professional product, nothing for laymen and people who have no experience with dogs, but that is also said!

Perro pastor alemán

Sí, simplemente genial …

professionnel des chiens

Incroyable comme cette laisse est robuste et extensible. C’est pourquoi il est très professionnel de travailler avec lui !

M.Moreau – Ligue des champions

C’est vraiment fascinant quel genre de ferraille vous obtenez dans les magasins et en même temps par un dresseur de chien est encore baisé par quelques hauptsache vous blecht régulièrement. Lucas nous a vraiment aidé à maîtriser le problème avec notre chienne. Avec cette laisse, nous avons pu travailler avec Penny en paix sur ses “zones à problèmes”. Elle tire à peine plus, même sans l’amortisseur et surtout sans avoir à la récompenser constamment avec de la nourriture. Simplement EN HAUT ! 👍


Po prostu niesamowicie świetna smycz. Ogromnej elastyczności nie można porównać z niczym innym.


L’americano Staffordshire Terrier della sterlina, cosa posso dirvi? Ho questa e la linea di 1m in uso. Ora guidiamo il programma completo con pazienza, dolcetti, clicker e solo il traindee. Senza questo sollievo dalla lunga estensione non avrei mai potuto avere la pazienza e le conseguenze!

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