Insect Power training treats MINDFULNESS – eat small

Insect Power training treats MINDFULNESS – eat small


Cold pressed training treats with insect protein


25% Hermetia illucens as sole animal protein

  • Rich in protein, iron, calcium and vitamin B12 + magnesium and omega 3 fatty acids
  • Hypoallergenic, grain andgluten free
  • With only five natural and tasty cold pressed ingredients
  • No additives or conservative agents
  • Recipe developed by our veterinarian and experts in pet nutrition
  • Nutritive and environmentally friendly alternative for meat protein
  • Soft and chewy, easy to give whole or to split
  • Net weight 100 g

Ready to learn new tricks!

Product Information

For MINDFULNESS, we have selected a delicious blend of chia seeds and bananas to create a concentrate of nutrients for the brain and nervous system.In addition to its great protein content, chia seeds contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Like bananas, they are also very rich in magnesium. Both omega 3 fatty acids and magnesium are pure power for cognitive functions and memory.

The cold press process and absence of additives keep the flavors and all nutritional qualities of the natural and healthy ingredients selected for our treats. In addition, the bite consistency (soft and chewy) and Hermetia’s meaty taste give to dogs the desire to get active. Our three lines ENERGY, MINDFULNESS and SPIRIT are ideal to support any physical activity or agility and obedience exercise.

They are suitable for food sensitive dogs.

Composition: Hermetia illucens flour 25% (natural source from protein, iron, calcium and B12 vitamin), plant base glycerin, sweet potatoes, brewer’s yeast, banana, chia 1%, Hermetia illucens fat, rosemary extract.

Analysed constituents: Crude protein 20,5%, Crude fat 4,1%, Crude fiber 4,2%, Ash 6,7%.

Food storage: our food should be stored in a dry and cool place and the package should be well closed after use.

Best before: please, see the printing on the bag.

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