ResQ-plast animals 50mm x 4.5m

The ResQ-plast animal association is an ingenious innovation: The dressing adheres to itself without any adhesive and is therefore painless to remove from wounds and from the coat again. The trick: Tiny barbs in the surface structure of the dressing material look similar to a soft velcro closure and adhere without sticking. The latex-free wound dressing is breathable and elastic. Because the bandage is self-adhesive on the entire surface, ResQ-plast bandages sit securely and do not slip. From Spita.


The ResQ-plast Animal Wound Dressing by Spita is fascinating and saves your dog a lot of pain: Because the animal dressing sticks neither with wounds nor with the coat and can therefore be removed painlessly.

The innovative effect lies in the special surface structure of the ResQ-plast Animal Wound Dressing. If you touch the surface by hand, it is smooth and soft. In fact, the wound dressing consists of millions of miniscule barbs that the naked eye can not recognize. With these tiny barbs, the bandage sticks securely to itself using the principle of a hook and loop fastener – but neither on the coat nor on the skin.

The advantage: You can safely and painlessly remove the ResQ-plast bandage without ripping out fur or accidentally reopening wounds.

Another plus: since there is no glue that could become dry or dull, you can remove the bandage and reposition it, as the barbs hook up again and the bandage adheres to itself again. For hygienic reasons, you should, however, the innovative wound dressing Do not use it too often for your dog. If it is heavily filthy, the barbs are no longer liable.

Since the dressing adheres only to itself, you can use it even if your dog is wet or dirty, or if he has been treated with an ointment or cream. The ResQ-plast does not need to stick to the coat.

ResQ-Plast is particularly breathable and therefore leaves a lot of air to the wound – this accelerates wound healing and is very pleasant for your dog, especially on hot days.

Especially safe: Since the ResQ-plast Animal Animal Association adheres to itself on the entire surface, it does not slip and holds even when your dog moves and drifts through nature.

Elastic: The ResQ-plast animal federation is very elastic and hardly restricts the freedom of movement of your dog, nevertheless it sits firmly and surely.

ReQ-plast Animal Association by Spita is perfect:

for (bleeding) wounds
for cuts
as a pressure bandage
for injuries to the joints
in wet, dirty or creamy coat
on coat treated with ointment

Every animal owner should always have a ResQ dressing in the house. In an emergency you will have a good experience with it.

Can also be used as a bandage: The ResQ-plast is elastic, but can be wrapped several times. So the animal bandage is also to use as a breathable bandage, if it is not about very solid support.

The elastic and breathable pressure band material of the Spita ResQ-Plast can be used to fix wound dressings as well as to supply postoperative wounds or as a compression bandage for hemostasis.

Even with heavy bleeding, you can apply the skin-friendly dressing directly on the wound of your dog to stop the bleeding. However, so that the blood does not stick together in the dressing, we recommend a compress if available.

Application of the ResQ-plast Animal Association of Spita:

For proper use, stretch the bandage a little and gently wrap it around the wound. The dressing material will immediately adhere to itself.

When continuing to wind, always slightly stretch the ResQ-plast bandage.If you have provided the wound, you can cut off the bandage at any point and fix it by firmly pressing the end. A staple or adhesive tape is not required.

If you’ve made a mistake with your dog when putting on the bandage, you can easily unwind and re-create the ResQ-plast animal bandage. Make sure that the dressing is not dirty.

The bandage remains flexible at all times, so that your dog can move on without any restrictions.The breathable wound dressing is latex-free and resists dirt, grease and ointments.

If your dog pulls on the leash a stressed dog and dogs with pain could be a possible reason. Try to avoid injuries for dog and dog owner by eliminating the strong physical forces resulting from heavy leash pulling and dog leash jerking. Used in a combination with the traindee shock absorber for dog leashes a possible solution could be achieved.

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