True Hemp Calming Treats


True Hemp Calming Treats

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True Hemp Calming Treats

We know the difficulty of seeing our pets stressed from loud noises, seperation anxiety and even our own moodswings. The True Calm formulation incorporates hemp and other active ingredients to support the reduction of tension in our most sensitive companions.


Fresh turkey (37%), fresh chicken (37%), hemp seed (ground, 15%), hemp leaf (dried and ground, 5%), psyllium, cellulose, sodium chloride, green tea (dried, 0.5%), chamomile (dried, 0.25%), lemon balm (dried, 0.25%), dried yucca

analytical constituents
Crude protein 24.0%, fat content 23.0%, crude fiber 8.0%, crude ash 8.2%, moisture content 28.0%, omega-3 fatty acid – 1.3%, omega-6 fatty acid 5.6%

Technological additives: antioxidants

Feeding advice:
0-5 kg: 1 piece
5-10 kg: 1-2 pieces
10-20 kg: 2-4 pieces

22 pieces

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