My dog is dominant – German language difficult language

difficult communication about dog training and behaviour german is a tough language

A few subtleties about the (very correctly seen false) statement “my dog is dominant” I’m reading another book right now, a dog book. Dog training. I’m taking the time to educate myself. It’s a fantastic book, I love it. Every few pages I think to myself “Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you” over […]

The Alpha Roll – How do I show my dog that I am the boss – ehmm?

Is the so called alpha roll for throwing aggressive dogs a reasonable technique by trainers for correcting behavior problmes

The so-called alpha roll with the dog – what is that actually and do I assert myself thereby as a “boss”? Again and again I was asked what I think of the so-called alpha roll. I must confess, more than look puzzled and admit that I have no idea what that should be, I could […]

Biking with dog forbidden in Austria?

Is biking with your dog on the leash forbidden in austria?

Perhaps some people are right, perhaps there are really very many, too many people who behave thoughtlessly and irresponsibly. Perhaps in our hectic times, negligence without malicious intent happens too often. But in any case, a reminder to pay attention certainly looks different from what is communicated on social media. Even worse, the emotional build-up […]

Shaped by shelter dogs – The world is colorful and diverse

A black german shepherd dog from the shelter with his new and loving owner hiking in nature.

It was the term “imprinting”, referring to Konrad Lorenz, that prompted me to write this article. Imprinting in the dog, I will still consider in a separate article. It was a statement of a dog trainer, whom I do not know personally, but him because of its open kind also somehow estimate. This mixture of […]

Dimethicone tick repellent without neurotoxin for dogs – harmful or safely effective?

Dimethicone or Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) is a safe silicone which makes parasites likes ticks or fleas immobile and dries them out. Anti tick protection on physical effects.

Dimethicone Copolyol – what is this actually? In search of tick repellent without neurotoxin, insecticides or other “pharmaceutical” agents that enter the bloodstream of the dog and show effect in the event of a tick bite, I have also come across, in addition to the natural substances such as Margosa and Geraniol, another active principle […]

Dog training – Positive reinforcement with food (treats)

giving dog a treat for positive reinforcement during dog training dog with muzzle and leash

Also a topic which unnecessarily creates fronts, as I think. It should be noted that this article is about principles and not about concrete training. It is about basic aspects, communication and sometimes misunderstandings among dog professionals, in training and teaching, which has to be detailed and accurate in order to maintain a professional level […]

The dilemma of politics with listed (dangerous) dog breeds

dangerous dog breed listed dogs fighting dog pitbull terrier american staffordshire amstaff justice without muzzle law politics

Listed dogs and the law Now, how do we best begin here, when we are dealing with terms that make us listen, that make us cautious, that have remained in our minds from history lessons. KAMPFHUNDE oder friedliche Schmuser? Amstaff, Pit Bull und Co. – Raus aus dem ZwingerWatch this video on YouTube   The […]