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Dog training – Positive reinforcement with food (treats)

giving dog a treat for positive reinforcement during dog training dog with muzzle and leash

Also a topic which unnecessarily creates fronts, as I think. It should be noted that this article is about principles and not about concrete training. It is about basic aspects, communication and sometimes misunderstandings among dog professionals, in training and teaching, which has to be detailed and accurate in order to maintain a professional level […]

The dilemma of politics with listed (dangerous) dog breeds

dangerous dog breed listed dogs fighting dog pitbull terrier american staffordshire amstaff justice without muzzle law politics

Now, how do we best begin here, when we are dealing with terms that make us listen, that make us cautious, that have remained in our minds from history lessons. The concept of “race It was on a long car trip from Berlin to Vienna at the end of 2019, there was an interesting radio […]