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New TBE risk areas in Germany by ticks also dangerous for dogs?

many ticks like an invasion in nature in maedow and woods are a health risk for dogs as they spread deseases which lead to illness

In Germany, the tick-borne meningitis or encephalitis is currently spreading. Since more TBE cases were reported in 2020 than ever before (since data collection began in 2001), the RKI therefore classified five more regions in Germany as risk areas. But is this also dangerous for our dogs? Well, as far as TBE alone is concerned, […]

Geraniol as a natural tick repellent for dogs

traindee tick remedy for dogs without chemistry for walks in nature through the meadow with margosa and geraniol extract

Especially in spring, with the start of the tick season, many dog owners are again faced with the question of how they can best protect their four-legged friends and themselves from the annoying ticks effectively and with minimal side effects. With the many outdoor activities with dog the danger of a tick infestation increases naturally […]