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Is your dog pulling on leash?

Brown german shepherd dog pulling on a long leash in nature while hiking

And how and why the traindee® (the 4-way stretchable dog leash against pulling) is so effective and you can have success with it quickly and easily. A classic topic but sometimes also an extremely important for a lasting harmonious togetherness in the human-dog relationship. And also here we have very often the problem on the […]

Where to mount the traindee® leash when hiking with several dogs

traindee® many dogs on dog leash shock absorber for relaxed walk when dogs are pulling

When you are walking with several dogs that tend pulling on the lead, the best way is to hold or mount the traindee® at your site (or hip belt) and connect the handle of your favorite “normal” leashes to the expander. Especially in autumn there are many odors for the dog to discover and you […]