Release the wolf for shooting? Justified by economic interests?

Should the wolf be released for shooting by hunters because he tears sheep and other grazing animals. Hunter and wolf in the forest.

Should the wolf be released for shooting because of economic damage? As the Austrian media have recently found something again. The topic of wolves and that he increasingly rips farm animals, especially sheep. From regular slaughter is spoken, the emotions especially in social media go again high…. Why a wolf or a pack of wolves […]

Shaped by shelter dogs – The world is colorful and diverse

A black german shepherd dog from the shelter with his new and loving owner hiking in nature.

It was the term “imprinting”, referring to Konrad Lorenz, that prompted me to write this article. Imprinting in the dog, I will still consider in a separate article. It was a statement of a dog trainer, whom I do not know personally, but him because of its open kind also somehow estimate. This mixture of […]