Your dog pulls on the leash?

traindee® – The 4-times stretchable dog leash with immediate effect through stress minimization!

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If your dog is pulling extremly on the leash, it means pure stress for you and your dog. This leads to frustration on each side which will hinder successful and positive training efforts and results. Pain in the shoulders, dangerous slipping situations, stress for the dog through painful dog harnes constrictions – leash pulling behavior and ‘leash-rambo’ are familiar terms. A tool suitable for dog-training in accordance with the animal protection laws, now offers support.

Using the traindee® leash-expander, in combination with your usual training-leash, your dog will feel an increasing resistance on the leash instead of a stressful and unpleasant leash-jerk. In conjunction with a marker word during training, your dog learns in a novel way to lay down his unwanted behavior. The stress-reducing effect for the dog and the human being is instantly noticeable and at the first application.

Through regular and consistent training with the traindee® training-leash expander, you train your dog in an animal-friendly and professional way to unlearn the unwanted behavior of the strong and wild pulling on the dog leash. Also on the normal dog-leash for the daily walk, the behavior of your dog, is adjusted in conjunction with your chosen marker-word. traindee® – for modern dog-training in accordance with the animal protection laws.

The traindee® leash-expander to get out of your dogs habit

of pulling strongly on the dog-leash without stress

High-grade aluminium Carabiner

leightweight & strong

Stainless steel

Developed for durability

Enormous stretch capability

4-times expansion for progressive resistance increase

Proven Quality

Quality tested by OFI Vienna

The traindee leash expander on TV – RTL – Hol Dir die Kohle