No more pulling: the traindee dog leash in use!

No more pulling: traindee lead expander

No more pulling: the traindee® dog leash in use!

Dog owners know how uncomfortable it is to walk with a dog on a lead that pulls. Not only can it cause pain in the arm and shoulder, but it can also be dangerous if the dog breaks free and gets off the lead. Fortunately, there is a simple and effective solution – the traindee® dog lead expander.

Dog lead pulling is dangerous and painful for both dog and dog owner

Pulling on the lead can cause not only physical pain for the dog as well as humans, but also emotional problems. It can strain the bond between you and your dog and frustrate him as he is unable to explore freely and is subjected to constant, lead-pulling pain. Likewise, the human is quickly frustrated because the pulling not only tugs at the nerves, but is also exhausting and sometimes very painful and can lead to permanent problems. If the dog breaks free to free itself from the leash, it can injure itself or pose a danger to others. There may also be a penalty under the law if the dog is caught off-leash.

traindee® dog lead expanders offer a simple and effective solution

The traindee® dog leads are specially designed for dogs that tend to pull on the lead and do so mainly out of stress and thus normal training and education methods do not work. They have a special design that allows the dog to gently stretch the leash when trying to move forward. The pull on the lead creates a slow and gentle deceleration that signals to the dog, without shock or pain, that his pulling behaviour is not successful and that he should relax. This method is not only effective, but also gentle on the dog and often prepares the way for targeted lead training in the first place.

traindee® dog lead expanders are available in different lengths and strengths to suit the needs of different dogs. They are easy to use and can be used for walks and hikes in nature as well as for outdoor training. They are also an affordable option for dog owners looking for an effective solution to lead pulling.

If you’re tired of walking with a dog on a lead that constantly pulls, it’s time for a change. traindee® lead expanders offer a simple and effective solution to stop lead pulling and build a better bond with your dog. It is a worthwhile investment for any dog owner who wants a happy and healthy dog.

Dogs that pull on the lead are not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous. That is why dog owners who have not been able to achieve success with conventional training and education methods should give it a new try with the traindee® dog lead expanders.