Is your dog pulling on leash?

Brown german shepherd dog pulling on a long leash in nature while hiking

And how and why the traindee® (the 4-way stretchable dog leash against pulling) is so effective and you can have success with it quickly and easily. Your dog pulling on leash? 4-times stretchable dog leash against pullingWatch this video on YouTube   A classic topic but sometimes also an extremely important for a lasting […]

My dog is dominant – German language difficult language

difficult communication about dog training and behaviour german is a tough language

A few subtleties about the (very correctly seen false) statement “my dog is dominant” I’m reading another book right now, a dog book. Dog training. I’m taking the time to educate myself. It’s a fantastic book, I love it. Every few pages I think to myself “Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you” over […]

The Alpha Roll – How do I show my dog that I am the boss – ehmm?

Is the so called alpha roll for throwing aggressive dogs a reasonable technique by trainers for correcting behavior problmes

The so-called alpha roll with the dog – what is that actually and do I assert myself thereby as a “boss”? Again and again I was asked what I think of the so-called alpha roll. I must confess, more than look puzzled and admit that I have no idea what that should be, I could […]

Imprinting in dogs – as a consideration for training and living together?

Blue eyed dog with black coat behind a fence in an animal shelter hoping for rescue and a new home.

As already addressed in my previous article 👉 “Shaped by shelter dogs – The world is colorful and diverse”, a statement on the concept of imprinting with reference to Konrad Lorenz had made me think. The statement comes from a trainer, which I do not know personally, but his kind nevertheless something positive so far […]

Dog training – Positive reinforcement with food (treats)

giving dog a treat for positive reinforcement during dog training dog with muzzle and leash

Also a topic which unnecessarily creates fronts, as I think. It should be noted that this article is about principles and not about concrete training. It is about basic aspects, communication and sometimes misunderstandings among dog professionals, in training and teaching, which has to be detailed and accurate in order to maintain a professional level […]

No more pulling: the traindee dog leash in use!

No more pulling: traindee lead expander

No more pulling: the traindee® dog leash in use! Dog owners know how uncomfortable it is to walk with a dog on a lead that pulls. Not only can it cause pain in the arm and shoulder, but it can also be dangerous if the dog breaks free and gets off the lead. Fortunately, there […]