Release the wolf for shooting? Justified by economic interests?

Should the wolf be released for shooting by hunters because he tears sheep and other grazing animals. Hunter and wolf in the forest.

Should the wolf be released for shooting because of economic damage? As the Austrian media have recently found something again. The topic of wolves and that he increasingly rips farm animals, especially sheep. From regular slaughter is spoken, the emotions especially in social media go again high…. Why a wolf or a pack of wolves […]

The Alpha Roll – How do I show my dog that I am the boss – ehmm?

Is the so called alpha roll for throwing aggressive dogs a reasonable technique by trainers for correcting behavior problmes

The so-called alpha roll with the dog – what is that actually and do I assert myself thereby as a “boss”? Again and again I was asked what I think of the so-called alpha roll. I must confess, more than look puzzled and admit that I have no idea what that should be, I could […]

Biking with dog forbidden in Austria?

Is biking with your dog on the leash forbidden in austria?

Perhaps some people are right, perhaps there are really very many, too many people who behave thoughtlessly and irresponsibly. Perhaps in our hectic times, negligence without malicious intent happens too often. But in any case, a reminder to pay attention certainly looks different from what is communicated on social media. Even worse, the emotional build-up […]

Imprinting in dogs – as a consideration for training and living together?

Blue eyed dog with black coat behind a fence in an animal shelter hoping for rescue and a new home.

As already addressed in my previous article 👉 “Shaped by shelter dogs – The world is colorful and diverse”, a statement on the concept of imprinting with reference to Konrad Lorenz had made me think. The statement comes from a trainer, which I do not know personally, but his kind nevertheless something positive so far […]

Aggression as part of any communication in dogs?

aggression behaviour and communications in dogs on leash or not with german shepherd dog and golden retriever

As always, I would like to remain objective and not disregard our German language and current definitions. Especially in the environment of dog education and dog training, it is often formulated inaccurately and/or (badly) copied. This is where badly researched opinions can quickly be found on social media and other sites. So let’s start with […]