Brown german shepherd dog pulling on a long leash in nature while hiking

Is your dog pulling on leash?

And how and why the traindee® (the 4-way stretchable dog leash against pulling) is so effective and you can have success with it quickly and easily. A classic topic but sometimes also an extremely important for a lasting harmonious togetherness in the human-dog relationship. And also here we have very often the problem on the

aggression behaviour and communications in dogs on leash or not with german shepherd dog and golden retriever

Aggression as part of any communication in dogs?

This is a translation of the German original post. As always, I would like to remain objective and not disregard our German language and current definitions. Especially in the environment of dog education and dog training, it is often formulated inaccurately and/or (badly) copied. This is where badly researched opinions can quickly be found on

dangerous dog breed listed dogs fighting dog pitbull terrier american staffordshire amstaff justice without muzzle law politics

The dilemma of politics with listed (dangerous) dog breeds

This is a translation of the German original post. Now, how do we best begin here, when we are dealing with terms that make us listen, that make us cautious, that have remained in our minds from history lessons. The concept of “race It was on a long car trip from Berlin to Vienna at

Dominance in dog training

This is a translation of the German original post. Very often the term dominance is associated very negatively in the context of dog training or dog education. Even if it is possible to guess what this negative state of mind refers to, especially in modern, non-violent dog training compared to aversive methods, which were almost

traindee® many dogs on dog leash shock absorber for relaxed walk when dogs are pulling

Where to mount the traindee® leash when hiking with several dogs

When you are walking with several dogs that tend pulling on the lead, the best way is to hold or mount the traindee® at your site (or hip belt) and connect the handle of your favorite “normal” leashes to the expander. Especially in autumn there are many odors for the dog to discover and you

traindee® painful prong and stroke collars are forbidden and use aversive dog training techniques hurting your dog

Dangers of using choke and prong collars

Don’t use choke or prong collars if your dog is pulling on the leash. They are forbidden already in many countries. Use non aversive techniques and try the dog leash for dogs that pull from traindee for sustainable training results! Stress-free training without causing pain or scare the dog. That’s modern and positive dog training!